Inspired by : Mother Teresa

Theme : Love Service Peace


A   Provide Financial help to Shelterless Widows, Helpless Orphans. elders and also provide Medical help, Educational help, Funeral help, Technical Training, etc.

A    At the time of Natural Calamities and Human made Disasters to be helpful to the Society.

A    To celebrate Social, Religious and National festivals and try to establish Unity - Love - Service and Peace through such Festivals.

A    To organise Plantations for keeping environment clean and green.


A    Ambulance Van Bier Van

A    Health Care Centers

A    Computer Education Classes English Coaching Class

A    Housing  Units for Shelterless

Christian Dear

Consumers Co-op. Society Ltd.

Edible and livelihood necessary things and help provided
to the society free from adulteration.

For all the above services and for the future management we are in need of your donation and gifts.

Please, send your donation amount in Cash or Cheque / Draft to

Christian Dear Social Assimilation of Charity

With Thanks...   Christian Wilson Jacob (Social Worker)